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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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for clients, as well as respectful colleague to the people he works with within the advocate community. ç5,í clients. he roars like a lion when he needs to advocate on behalf of the four. he is able to balance his tenacity with an openness toward working with others. yes had a very close relationship with staff in our :vdepartment of human services r human services agency, and really has not left behind where he has come from. he himself was a homeless client nearly 10 years ago. started out as a community volunteer, was hired as an advocate about a year later, and ultimately becoming the general assistance advocacy project. still with us, and he is a fighter, so hopefully, they pull
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through, but i am purely committed to a resolution for bob hard, and since i have the microphone, i have to say that i cannot take full credit. but i'm told that these are not like risers for you but they are actually just in case the sit/lie law passes. [laughter] something that has helped me over the past few years, legislation, sometimes you need to come down with a stash of camomile just to relax and take it easy as those mayoral vetoes come raining down on your in
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your 40 easier. supervisor campos: thank you. supervisor dufty: thank you. i am submitting an in memoriam for bill patterson. he was a philanthropist and investor who led the effort to memorialize the california academy of sciences. he was 48 and suffered from a brain tumor. but patterson was the p in spo partners, a low-profile but highly successful investment firm, started in 1989. it manages a concentrated portfolio of public and private investments, but he is also well known for his philanthropic activities and his leadership role in rebuilding the academy of sciences and moving it to its new home buying golden gate park. this month, he contributed $250,000 to the campaign for the academy and was a major donor
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and fund raiser for it. he was born in columbus, ohio. he graduated from harvard, and after a two-year stint at an analysts, he earned his mba from stanford university. he is survived by to the we was sons, and a daughter, eleanor. other family members and his much loved and appreciated for his efforts here locally. i would like to revert to an item on today's adoption without reference calendar, which seeks to encourage that the upcoming october 10 gay pride parade in belgrade, serbia, which will be first gay-rights march since 2001 when extremists attacked the participants and forced the cancellation of the event. hopefully this year, there is a sense that the government will be supportive of insuring the safety and peaceful assemblage of people for this march, so i
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would like to thank supervisor campos, who is going to be there. i meant to include him on the introduction and regret that he is not included on the agenda, and i would also like to thank michael petrellis. he has been a real beacon of advocacy around international human rights for members of the lgbt community, much known for the light he was shining on what is happening in iran and iraq, and he has been a steadfast voice of leadership on these issues. i would like to join the celebrants, although i did take the time to wrap my present. °
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that 40 is great. 50s are even better, but i think 40's are great. it has been a privilege being your seat mate over the past data we will use and watching you grow into this whole being a member of the board of supervisors, and i have tremendously enjoyed the pride that you bring to this job. you are proud of who you are, r supervisors, you have definitely blazed a trail 10 moreover from your background as an immigrant, someone who is proud of your guatemalans heritage and being a leading member of the l? community, so this very small package brings that all together. [applause] and i do expect you to wait that once you get it open. we're going to provide some compensation for -- competition for qvc. it is from guatemala.
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[laughter] >> thank you. supervisor maxwell. supervisor maxwell: yes, i have to give my present. just a second. supervisor campos: oh, my god. [laughter] supervisor maxwell: since bay shore and the present big box on bayshore is considered my district, made you your very own big box. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor maxwell.
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supervisor alioto-pier. supervisor alioto-pier: thank you, madam clerk. let me start by saying happy birthday to supervisor campos. mine is not quite as badly as a gift , which would not have happened without the film rebate program, or it would not have been as easy. thank you for your vote, and happy birthday. i have -- i unfortunately have a tough week. good friends of mine lost their two-year-old on friday. i have been in mourning for him.
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his name is campbell. campbell ross ehrlich, and if you do not mind, i would appreciate if we could do that from the whole board. campbell was a beautiful little blond, blue-eyed, bouncing, smiling, baby boy, and it is a shock. he went to bed and did not wake up. i think not acts in mysterious ways, but nonetheless, it is very painful -- i think god hath in mysterious ways. i would like to take some time to thank some people here in san francisco city government. this is one of those rare moments when you see the people who work for all of us in action in a wonderful and beautiful way. to begin with, i would like to
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thank doctors in the heart and dr. judy nonac from the medical examiner's office -- dr. amy hart. they took care of him on friday and have everything done before the weekend, and i think it brought a lot of comfort to the family to have answers to questions that otherwise would have taken.ñ2ñ three or four da, so i thank them for quickly moving forward on giving as much comfort as possible. i would also elected tank from the bottom of my heart a couple of captains in our apartment. i would also like to thank two other captains who did exactly the same thing.
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they stepped in and understood it -- the pain that a lot of people were going through and put things aside to ñi relieve the pain, so i think it is very=jot important to thank . i would like to thank the numerous people who showed up on the friday. my thoughts and prayers are with the family. i would appreciate your thoughts and prayers to be with the family as well. one thing i do want to mention, something that i learned, and i think all of us know that when you are a member of the jewish faith, and there are other religious beliefs as well, it is important to bury your loved ones within 48 hours, and currently, we do not have a system in place to ensure that the medical examiner's office knows and understands that there are certain religious requirements that certain people have. so we will be introducing legislation that will simply
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make sure that the medical examiner's office is informed of certain religious beliefs and the parameters are around them so that families like the ehrlich's do not have to call a city supervisor to make sure that they get everything done within the 48 hours. we need to alleviate whatever pain we can ask people go through the worst time in their lives. i will discuss it with the medical examiner's office to try to proceed with the best way with that. with that, thank you. >> thank you, supervisor alioto- pier. supervisor elsbernd. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. i will submit my items, but, supervisor campos, i do not think i need to turn around to know that your friends from access of labor -- supervisor
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mar, some of the secondhand smoke legislation you introduce -- [laughter] supervisor campos, i think you know well what gifts you probably got from me. [laughter] the calendar may not say it, but it feels like outside it is still summer, so i will keep your gift inside this bag. [applause] >> thank you, a supervisor elsbernd. supervisor mar. supervisor mar: another one of supervisor campos' dirty secrets
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i'm going to reveal today is love of fast foods. there's also another one of your loves that is sort of here, but by surgically removed the toys from your -- [laughter] happy birthday. happy 40th. actually, i will say it is ironic that he has this love because of his fight for health equity and everything he does as a supervisor. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor chu. supervisor chu: i think one of the most well known fact is how much supervisor campos loves his diet coke, so on those very painful days when we do have to abide by the soda-free summers, i have something for you, some cops to hold them in. no one will know. -- some cups to hold them in.
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>> before i call on supervisor campos, and the other supervisors? supervisor campos. supervisor campos: i do not know if i can say anything. ashley, supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: i have something for supervisor campos. i wanted to get a diet coke for him, but i heard supervisor elsbernd was getting one for him. for me, the sound of a diet coke can opening is the sound of supervisor campos. instead, because you do such a great job looking at our city contracts, i wanted to give you a special guarantee that every
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contract that will come before the board of supervisors will be the best deal possible. high-value, low-cost, the most bang for our buck. no special waivers nor back room deals, multiple bidders, able to pass litmus tests, smell test, and lie-detector tests. [laughter] node jilted suitors, nor buried bodies. the finest selection process procedures, innovative programs, stand up projects come the best equipment, most efficient procedures, the most principled investors. it has also got a backing by harvey rose. the harvey rose pledge. if for any reason and the contract comes without any defense preparation for negotiation, the budget analyst will personally eat it would catch up. i could not get the mayor to sign it. it has also got some fine print here, which i'm going to try to
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read to you. it says nothing in this certification will impair the ability of any member of the board of supervisors from applying the highest level of scrutiny to assess the veracity of this guarantee. [applause] >> in place of supervisor mirkarimi, we have his aide, jeremy. >> jeremy pollack from supervisor mirkarimi's office. he regrets that he could not be here. he wrote me from venezuela, and he has enjoyed working with you on lafco, and he invites you down there to set up a satellite office to deal with their pollution problems. in addition to promoting clean energy, he has admired the way you jump into medical care in this policy and the way you advance that, so we have an idea
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we would like to share with you. [applause] it is a little complicated. a legislative idea we hope you would run with. a solar powered cannabis cultivation facility. [applause] we need to get the wind blowing in here to get it working. but it was something we hope you could put forward into legislation. [applause] >> thank you. now, for supervisor campos. supervisor campos: i think this is a great idea, and i think it is specially made for district 7. i do not know about you. [laughter] i want to thank my colleagues for their graciousness and my staff'.
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i'm going to kill you for doing this, but seriously, thank you very much, and it truly is an honor for me to serve on this body, but i have learned so much and have a lot more to learn, and it is greatly appreciated. it is a privilege to work with people of this caliber and commitment and dedication, so thank you to my colleagues. thank you to everyone who works here. thank you to the mayor as well for his well wishes, and thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor avalos: i have an in memoriam for kathleen cecil. she was an english teacher at mission high school who died after suffering a brain aneurysm on the first day of school. she taught at mission high for 12 years and is fondly remembered by students for her
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biting sarcasm, brutal honesty, dedication to her students, and her cecilisms, such as, "so should i write the referral, or should you write the referral?" she was a collector of hundreds of books and was working on her first book when she passed away. friends and family hope to eventually compile and publish the book. outside of the classroom, she focused on many civil rights issues. she was a member of teachers for social justice and supported smaller glasses. she also sat on the executive board of united educators of san francisco. she is survived by her husband of 29 years and sons. teachers at mission high school have created a memorial
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scholarship in her honor, and donations can be sent to mission high school -- 3750 18th st., san francisco, 94114. >> mr. president, that concludes roll call for introductions. >> i forgot with all the excitement to read out my introductions. can we refer back to supervisor mar? supervisor mar: 90. i wanted to be added on to the in memoriam for kathleen cecil. she was a unique feature. we know from her activism for teachers for social justice, but i will just say that she was a tremendous activist, but she treated teaching every day as if it were her first day of teaching. a tremendous, inspiring person that had a stubborn belief in all of a student's abilities,
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even if they did not have the same belief in themselves. what a loss for mission high. i know that all the teachers at mission will never let her memory die, and all her students that she has inspired will continue on as well. i also want to join supervisor avalos later in supporting the san francisco pier court. that is coming up later as well. i also wanted to mention i was introducing a resolution today. some of you may have read in the newspapers that on september 24, the fbi raided homes and offices of a number of union activists in minneapolis and chicago. it is notorious because it is reminiscent of the notorious, rates, mccarthy hearings -- notorious palmer raids.
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they confiscated people's computers, a task force, books, cell phones,;çmv passports, and 13 activists to appear before a federal grand jury. the majority of those targeted have participated in anti-war protests at the 2008 republican national convention in saint n?5n paud in hundreds of beatings and the rest was almost all charges subsequently dropped. the national coordinated raids and fishing expedition, as i call it, marks a new assault on first amendment rights, especially of solidarity activists and anti:g-union campaigners and union activist, which began on september 11, 2001, and with the passing of the repressive usa patriot acts. i share a great concernj, with many anti-war and social j% activists that the fbi is using
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the pre-tax raids investigating terrorism in and sent to investigate activist and our projected free-speech activities. i'm asking the supervisors to join me in denouncing the raids on the homes of these activists, and also the action of taking their computers and personal belongings in the issuance of the grand jury subpoenas. it is something that we should stand up in strong support of first amendment rights as people everywhere -- of people everywhere, and i also want to announce that today at 5:00 p.m. at the federal building, san francisco is joining 32 other cities from kalamazoo to newark, new jersey, in calling attention to this other act, and i think is called hands off anti-war activists, and we are convening today as part of a nationwide mobilization. i hope to share information with
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people as we build a national movement to defend our first amendment rights. thank you. [applause] supervisor chiu: thank you, and with that, why don't we move to our 3:30 commendations? why don't we start first with supervisor maxwell. supervisor maxwell: thank you very much. i have been sitting here thinking about all the years and time i have known this person, and what he has meant to our city, and i have been thinking about every single huge project he has worked on and how much of his life it has taken away, and i'm always glad the next day when i see him because i never know how he is going to come back, but michael cohen manages to come back and does another huge project. michael started with our city in
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1995 to serve as the head of the real estate and finance team of the city attorney's office. in that capacity, he served as lead transaction council on a number of complex private development deals in san francisco, including the conveyance and development of the first phase of the hunters point shipyard, the renovation of union square park, the new parking brought, the development of the hotel on former surplus property along the waterfront, and the renovation of harvey park golf course into a pga championship course, mission bay, and the trans bay development, treasure island development authority as well that he helped to create. all of those things seem so easy to say, but they have been tremendous. they have been huge. michael has spent more time
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outside smoking cigarettes and drinking diet coke than anyone i have ever known. michael has lived and breathed our city. michael cohen, thank you so much for all you have done. it has been huge. it has been big. come up here. and he is very modest. i want to thank your wife and your daughters for all the time they have given and all the i$iñyów3 from them and all the nights you have woken up in the middle of the night thinking about what you should have said or what you are going to say. thank you. i hope you ark a while because just being a public employee is easy to say, but for michael and people like him, it is more than that. it is more than being an employee for our city. this -- it is living, breathing, and being a part of what you want to become. thank you so much for being part i=ññiof that. [applause]
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i usually am obsessively over hei am not today. i do want to say thank youñmi ty from the bottom of my heart. whenever i walk into these chambers, i knew i was going to get grilled. i never came here if it was easy. i only came here when it was hard, but i also knew whether or not the supervisors on any particular issue agree with me or the point of view being advocated, that they -- the intentions of every member of this board work here and right on, but everybody here wants the have always thought we agree on
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about 95% of the issues, and we spend a lot of time fighting over the2y 5% we do not agree o, but it has always been a great privilege and honor to come in these chambers to address the boardç knowing that you all really care and that you work for that, t. i also think there's a lot of people in this room who have become friends of mine. supervisor maxwell will be ended our 10 -- 10 years together. in many respects, they started together. for all of you, i want to thank you. i also want to acknowledge everyone who came to show their support. one thing i am immensely proud of, much more so than the projects, are the people. not just friendships in this room, but of the city, and i
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úñrt generation with people i think will serve this city spectacularly well, thank you very much. [applause] çzisupervisor chiu: our next commendation will be presented byçq two of our colleagues -- supervisor avalos: thank you. colleagues, i do not know if you know, but september is national youth court month, hear and youth courts across the country hold a number of events did advocate and celebrate his but -- restorative justice, volunteerism, and youth leadership. san francisco pier court is a city funded peer to peer restorative justice program that provides leadership provides leadership opportunities and restorers -- a


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